Updated 11-10-05
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Welcome to the directory of Old Favorites... well, maybe not my favorites, but they're still pretty damn good.

Amazon Madness on Mars! The last 50 years has spawned a glut of Sci-Fi films. The Hitman cataloged all 2.8 trillion films, reviews and posters for your convenience. And he enjoyed it! (425,351,259,489,042,000,000,000 combos)

"Price Check on Butt Lotion, aisle nine!" After Thanksgiving the Hitman sent out a swarm of interns to American grocery stores to find discarded shopping lists. He now posts tens of millions of them for you to enjoy. (3,128,748,094,080,000 combos)

There's a Starbucks INSIDE the Starbucks. Coffee is all the rage in Seattle. The espresso stands are everywhere, man, on every corner. The Hitman decided to help you by indexing them all. (2,136,389,713,920,000 combos)

Who huh what? You know when you're tired and make no sense whatsoever? The Hitman has gone to the funny farm and taken pages of quotes from perma-trippin' fools who done fried themselves good on LSD. Oh, it's nonsensical.

Your Mama! The Hitman interviewed three dozen sailors to learn how to swear like them, without ever upsetting anyone. This is the most complete list of clear swear-words in the world.

Random, um, something... any suggestions?

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