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Review of Red and Green Brazilian Steakhouse in Atlanta

Review of Red & Green Brazilian Steakhouse in Atlanta, Georgia, United States:

There has been an awful lot of media buzz lately about a particular Brazilian Steakhouse in Atlanta, so I went to go check it out. I called in advance to tell them I was coming, and that I was a member of the media, but they didn't seem to care, and I wondered why. Were they crazy, stupid, incompetent, or so busy with lines around the corner they just didn't understand me? I soon found out the answer, and it almost knocked me out of my seat.

The Red & Green Steakhouse in Atlanta is the expensive surrogate child of Mr. Young Lee, a famously renowned business man in the Atlanta area. This guy made his fortune in land and laundry, as half the city has. Unlike the other half of the city, he's dedicated what should be his retirement to making a killer restaurant, even if it earns him more friends than dollars.

Normally, when a restaurant doesn't care that I'm a member of the media, it means that they already know that they offer poor service, lackluster food, or have prices so far out of market rates that it just doesn't matter, so long as people keep finding a reason to stumble through the damn door.

Of all the Brazilian Steakhouse restaurants I've been to in my life, this one easily ranks in the top three, except for price and value, where it beats the competition by miles. Just like everywhere I've been, the food is good, the service is exceptional, the selection is as broad as your ability to accept and taste it, but here the price was about half of what I expected.

I did a review last year of another Brazilian Steakhouse in Atlanta, and it was impressive. The food was about as good as at the Red & Green Steakhouse, the service was agreeable, it was only the parking and location that lacked. The big diference was the price. The other place, who's name I won't say since it's Fugo de Chao, cost literally twice as much… It would be one thing if they gave you more, but both restaurants offer the finest Angus cuts and hand-selected produce, but one costs literally, exactly twice as much as the other, and they don't even have parking?

Fugo De Chao is likely going to face more than stiff competition from the Red & Green Steakhouse, they're likely to lose half their business. This newcomer has a better wine selection, vastly better pricing, equal selection and quality, a better salad bar, and does it without forcing you to stuff your car in some creepy, suspicious, dangerous back lot for the night while just hoping for the best.

First time ever, I'm ging a restaurant the full five-stars. The Red and Green Steakhouse in Atlanta gets my elusive top rating… now if I could only convince them I deserve some free pie I'd be set for life… Ah well, so it goes.

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