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Are you willing to befriend your evil?
Lay bare the sombre heart of woman-hatred and neuro-hatred.
The throne of men, of neuro-normies, is firm.
But it is not unshakeable!
The problem is men, and the problem is medical chauvinism and ‘neurodiversity’ alike.
Join me on this ‘spinning’ of a yarn; your pilot is not a ‘Daly,’ but he is daily spinning free from law and freedom-faker alike.
Be free! Be free! Be free!



This short story collection brings together some heartwarming and disrespectfully pointed satire stories about Baron Tarquin Binnett De Albion, Esquire.
Tarquin Binnett is UKIP’s most cuddly, genial and most crucially of all, stridently prejudiced representative.
Little Winchester, Suffolk has never known such a fine, patriotic, sound Englishman’s common sense gentleman-bigot!
In this story compendium, there are also a couple of cameo appearances from the similarly genial (but rather more earthy) red-top moral panic hack, Jackie Smack.
Fairest England has never known such dire times as these: but with well-meaning and bumbling hard-right populist buffoons like Tarquin and Jackie, Britain has never been in safer hands!
(But then again, perhaps that is not saying much)…


The Braying Angel portrays a spiritual odyssey from darkness into light…
And from despair, self-loathing and remorse into bittersweet resignation, pathos and joy.
Some ascetic traditions have relied on a ‘Book of Hours’ as a reminder of the value of working ‘within time, towards eternity.’
By analogy, the twelve hours of this little book bring us from the dawn-stirrings of grief and regret to the cool dusk of spiritual maturity and the renewal of the childlike wonder of the virgin spiritual…
The virgin earthly.
Not unlike the dumb ox of the misguided Balaam, or indeed St Thomas Aquinas, who said, ‘Compared to all I have seen, this is mere straw!’ the wanderer and pilgrim of this odyssey is both erring false prophet and soaring angel.
An everyman, everywoman or everyperson of despondent clay and ardent fire.
The free verse form’s disconcerting syncopation create epiphanies of silence and ambiguity which may defamiliarise some complacent readers, like the proverbial knock on the head from an impatient Zen master.
The journey never begins, and it never ends.
For it is for all of us.


When was the last time a novel triggered you to the point you could barely string two espresso beans together? Safe spaces at the ready… The Great Flâneur Narrative is a disturbing and hilarious read for thought criminals, hate criminals and snowflake melters of all persusasions!
The various social justice warriors, pomo idiots and regressive leftists at Prigley Uni are a true rogue’s gallery of wacky activists.
From saving Tibet from the Tibetans to exposing a well-beloved festive figure as a racist white supremacist propaganda figure; from mainstreaming dour Teutonic anti-science garbage to Trotstreaming LGBT rights…
There is no depth of idiocy to which our dear friends will not stoop.
However, the fate of the Prigley Uni intellectual mafia is curiously bound up with that of the washed-up humanitarian pop star Klubber Bonez…
Does stupidity really kill?


When was the last time you thought about sexual politics?
Did your troubled ruminations bring you here?
A punchy, shrewd, seductive slew of stories.
Stories to disturb, to captivate, to inflame the imagination.
A cool and dizzying torrent of probing, darkly witty narratives!

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