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Copyright Info (here we go)

  1.® is a comedic online news journal published by Glossy Colossal Marketing.
  2.® only uses real names in the case of prominent public figures. The comments and stories about those figures should not be assumed to have even the vaguest scrap of truth. Should you have questions or concerns about the level of truth in an article, assume safely there is none. All other names appearing in this publication are (we hope and intend) completely fabricated. Statistically speaking it will be impossible to not use someone's real name at some point even without intention, but any time that happens it is accidental, coincidental and no hard feelings, okay?
  3. The content of this web-site including it's photos, logos, graphics, body text, headlines and frankly everything else published on this page is © Copyright 2002 (or the current of it's original publication) by Glossy Colossal Marketing. Some of the content has been submitted by readers, affiliate sites, contributing writers or staff writers. Theses contributions are in the form of articles, photos and other features. These submissions are the copyright protected material of the original authors who still retain their own individual rights for use and sale. This does not supercede the right they have granted us to publish the material on this site. In other words, they have granted us some rights, but that doesn't mean we own it. We aren't dicks like that.
  4. Anyone wishing to use articles may make requests in writing. Many are available for prices ranging from free up to "not bloody available", depending on the author's wishes and the content material.
  5. No part of may be reprinted or retransmitted in whole or in part without the express written consent of the publisher. Certain exceptions apply. Pages of the paper may be forwarded in whole via email or posted to newsgroups with due credit and a link. Other public verbalizations of the content (such as on the radio) may be permitted as long as it is credited as "content provided by".
  6. If you wish to link to our site from your page, you may do so, but you may not duplicate our content on to your page without a syndication agreement... currently, there is no charge for syndication, so let us know.
  7. If any part of is in conflict with any previously copyrighted material please inform the editor immediately so content may be removed pending investigation and further clarification. In the event of copyright violation will cooperate in every way as required to assist in tracking down the origin of the mistake.
  8.® is not intended for sensitive readers of any age, but specifically not for those under the age of 18 years. We do not feature "adult "content per se but may use strong language and themes a well as make reference to sexuality, drug use, racial extremes, goat-sodomy, pre-teen yak molestation and even political jokes. At GlossyNews we definitely loves us some sex and drugs. Were it not for the glaring absence of rock & roll we'd have the "downfall of our society" trifecta... not like minors don't already see it on TV and bang on each other like cap guns, but hey man, a disclaimer a day keeps the lawsuits at bay... not away entirely, but it holds them off a bit.
  9. In conclusion, take us with a grain of salt and don't be a dick.

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