Octomom weds Chaz Bono

Photographers filled sidewalks outside Graceland Chapel this weekend, spilling out into the street and blocking traffic. The paparazzi had thronged to Vegas for a snapshot of what’s being called the wedding of the century. Chaz Bono and a radiant Nadya Suleman became man and wife as a small group of friends and relatives looked on. Read more Octomom weds Chaz Bono


Barack Obama Thanks Bristol Palin for Unsolicited Parental Advice

Barack Obama made certain that he acknowledged the wise words he received indirectly Friday from Bristol Palin with regards to his stance on same-sex marriage.

“We are just incredibly thankful to have someone as mature and wise as Bristol Palin taking such an interest in the way Michelle and I are raising our girls, Sasha and Malia,” said the President from one of the many stops he made today on the campaign trail. Read more Barack Obama Thanks Bristol Palin for Unsolicited Parental Advice


Pay-per-view Presidential Debates

It is the dark, painful secret of broadcast journalism. Dedicated professionals actually work tirelessly to produce that lowest common denominator pabulum known as ‘mainstream media.’ Insiders admit the fare is about as nutritious as rice cakes dipped in excrement, but they’re quick to blame the audience. CNN’s Anderson Cooper said, “We only have 360,000 viewers, and most of them are stuck at airports probably. We have to give people what they want.” Read more Pay-per-view Presidential Debates


Gingrich Halted By Month-old Shooting

BATON ROUGE, LA —EBBQ Newt Gingrich hastily called a press conference after appearing on Sean Hannity’s FOXNEWS telecast.

He said in opening the sparsely attended 2-reporter conference: “I was completely misquoted in my answer to Sean where he said that I had harshly criticized President Obama for his comment on Trayvon Martin’s tragic shooting. Read more Gingrich Halted By Month-old Shooting


Weekly Political Wrap Up Includes Syria’s Lack of Legitimacy

On Monday, President Barack Obama called for a big deficit reduction package to go along with raising the debt ceiling, saying to a reluctant Congress that “it’s time to pull off the band-aid. Eat our peas.”  Authorities are investigating why Congress is so battered and malnourished. Read more Weekly Political Wrap Up Includes Syria’s Lack of Legitimacy


Ford Claims Insurance Faith Exemption

Long after contemporary pundits have passed on to their respective rewards (7th level of Dante’s Inferno) historians may characterize the Affordable Healthcare Act as 2700 pages of unintended consequences.

That possibility loomed larger this week as Ford Motor Company triggered what is being called the mother of all loopholes. At issue before the Supreme Court’s precedent shattering emergency session is whether Ford is a faith based organization. Read more Ford Claims Insurance Faith Exemption